Top 20 Things to Pack

Although you’ll know of any personal items that you’ll need to pack, such as medication; here is a top 20 list of things you should consider packing before hitting the airport. This is by no means exhaustive and is just a guide to get your brain really ticking over. Weeks before your trip you should have a detailed packing list, but you may want to include some of these items:

1. This goes without saying but you aren’t going anywhere without a passport, tickets and money (whether that be cash travelers checks or credit cards).
2. Enough clothes. Select an outfit for each day then add two more in case of accidents. In a hot place have at least one winter outfit incase the weather turns.
3. Select 2-3 dark colored pants to combine with 10 light colored (white, beige t-shirts). This will eliminate you mix and match problem.
4. Underwear and socks for every day of your stay.
5. Travel sized toiletries and a towel, even if your accommodation has some.
6. Swimwear! Many people always seem to forget their beach or swimwear and end up buying cheaper versions out there.
7. Entertainment like a MP3 player or handheld console for the journey. For young children bring some travel games.
8. Guides and phrase books.
9. Prepaid cell phone for the country you’re visiting.
10. Extra bags. People seem to forget they need room for souvenirs.
11. A camera. Capture those happy, sad and drunken moments.
12. Cables for your phone, laptop, battery charger for your camera.
13. A laptop or blackberry/iPhone with internet access.
14. Several pairs of footwear, one sensible, one for the clubs and one for the beach or activities.
15. Food and water for the journey and airport.
16. Diapers and food for babies in the family.
17. Equipment depending on your holiday. Snorkel, goggles, armbands, surfboard, climbing apparatus, beach ball, football…
18. A book you never got round to finishing.
19. First aid kit incase of accidents.
20. Medications for diarrhea, head ache, tummy ache, heartburn, allergy, sun screen, disinfecting wipes and any prescribed medications you have to take.

Considering the above items should make your holiday run smooth, as well as adding to the fun you’ll have.

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