Packing list - do I need one?

Do you need a packing list? Iíd strongly recommend it, but before you go off and write one itís best to explain what an efficient packing list is. Yes you guessed it; itís a list that outlines exactly what you should be packing for your trip and helps you organize what you really need and what you think you might want.

Getting in to a routine of using a packing list is a just as much a mental thing as it is a physical packing thing. Once you get in to the strict habit of only taking whatís on the list, you wonít be tempted to add pointless items or luxuries. Still you have to be in the right mind frame when writing one, so as not to list pointless items and luxuries in the first place.

A good packing list will help you determine what you need to travel comfortably and what you cannot travel without. Writing it out in two columns is a good idea. One with things like passport, medication, travelerís checks etc, and the other with clothes, toiletries, camera etc. Only you can determine what you need, but keep basic survival in mind. A third list can be made of things that would be nice to take but you are willing to cut for luggage restrictions, fees and other problems.

If you donít use a packing list it can be hell. The dayís approaching, you go to pack and you realize you have no idea what you are doing or what to pack. You may seemingly make it through but end up paying ridiculous luggage charges. Once youíve worked out just to get the luggage to your destination, you then realize you forgot your underwear or your money. Without a detailed plan your holiday or business trip could be ruined with numerous unforeseen consequences.

One thing you shouldnít do is abide by a pre-made packing list found in a travel shop or online. 9 times out of 10 they are tailored made so you buy their items. You should make your own packing list.

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