How to pack your Carryon Luggage

Carryon baggage is the bag that you take with you on to an airplane and therefore should be small and compact enough to do so. Airlines now have quotas and weight limits so it is very important to travel light and only take what you need, at least for the carryon bag. You don’t want to end having to check everything. A rule of thumb is to keep your most important items such as money, your passports and any valuables (cameras, laptops, jewelry), as well as medication and possibly a few snacks, disinfecting wipes or a diaper. Anything else should be checked to avoid hassle.

You should not put anything sharp in your carryon as it can be deemed a lethal weapon. Nail scissors, razors, or pocket knives are obvious don’ts, but fountain pens, bottle openers and even some make-up accessories can be deemed dangerous. Liquids and gels are now banned in your carry on, so buy water or juice after the security and x-ray check. Lipstick, chopstick, makeup, hand sanitizer, deodorant, aerosols, and any liquid/gels-like substance can be put in the carry on as long as each one doesn’t exceed 100ml and are packed together in a Ziploc bag.

The size of the bag should be small. A regular rucksack or large handbag should be adequate, but you’ll normally be allowed the bag and one more item such as a briefcase or laptop that can be put on your knee or slotted nearby.

Calling your airline to get the exact rules and regulations beforehand is a clever thing to do. There’s nothing worse than turning up and having to repack in the middle of a line because you are slightly over a limit.

Since the 9/11 attacks there has been increased security at most airports and even what you’re wearing can be deemed a threat. It’s strange but anything that “incites anger” or controversy should be avoided. Tones of sharp pointy jewelry, hate slogans on t-shirts and even pictures of guns on clothes have been enough to warrant hassle from security.

A good rule of thumb is to pack the bare minimum you’d need to survive for one day. Always leave space for clean underwear, socks and t-shirt. You never know if your checked luggage will get there on time.

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