How to pack when traveling with children

Traveling can be one of the most hectic and stressful things you ever have to do. Did you pack everything you need? Did you remember to lock the front door? Are you on time? But when traveling with children it can be an even bigger worry. Managing luggage is one thing, but managing your children at the same time can be a major hassle. Here are some top tips on how to pack when traveling with young ones and babies.

First off toys! Not tones of toys and games that can get broken or lost but a few things the children can keep themselves occupied with to keep you stress free and them from getting bored. Maybe a handheld games console for older children and a pack of travel games for the younger child; a coloring book or a sticker book keep them occupied for hours. Always get at least 2 books to read aloud.

Once they are happy you need to make sure they stay that way by packing for emergencies. This is all age dependent but make sure you have a bag handy that contains wipes in case they make a mess, diapers, a change of clothes and food and drink. “Mummy I need a drink” doesn’t always work when you are about to board a plane, so make sure you have a few flasks or bottles at hand.

If you have a baby then your carryon is even more important as Babies are less likely to wait until a convenient time to get what they want. Make sure you have diapers. You can never have enough diapers. It is also important to carry some pots of baby food, crackers or similar depending on the child’s age and the length of the journey. Planes and trains don’t always arrive on time so have more than enough in case of a delay. Babies don’t necessarily need toys but a rattle or something comforting like a teddy bear is a good idea to keep them from getting agitated.

If worse comes to the worst then there’s no harm in plunking one of your children on a wheeled suitcase and giving them a fun ride.

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