How to pack liquids and gels

One of the most common questions when packing for a plane journey is how to securely pack liquids and gels in checked baggage, which is out of your hands to monitor or re-arrange. Nothingís worse than getting the other end and realizing your clothes have a big green soap stain down the front or your important documents are soaked with water.

Two words, Ziploc bag, or at least some kind of sealable container that can protect gel or water based items. Even if they split, burst or leak you now have an extra line of defense that will prevent the substance from coming in to contact with anything else in your luggage.

Another good tip and one that is sometimes an airport rule is to travel with smaller or travel sized products. For example instead of taking big tubs and containers of skin care products, take small sample sizes that you can get free with special offers. Just save them up over the year. Or if you have lots of time, put smaller amounts in to your own small containers.

If youíd prefer them to be in your hand luggage, but you have too many, separate them out in to your childrenís bag. They are less likely to go over their quota than you and now you can keep a closer eye on the items.

Donít mix heavy items with water or gel based items. Just imagine what would happen if you jumped on a tube of toothpaste. Thatís what can happen in your bag if you put something heavy in there with it.

Go by the TSAís 3-1-1 rule, which means liquids must be in containers of 3 oz. or smaller (100ml), packed in a 1-qt (1L). You canít go wrong this way.

Medication can have different rules so phone ahead of time and make sure to have documentation, labels and maybe a doctorís note so you can prove what you need it for.

A simple rule would be not to take any liquids or gels with you. Simply buy them the other end or at the airport where they will come in smaller sizes.

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