How to Pack Efficiently and Wrinkle Free

One of the most annoying aspects of travelling is trying to pack clothing efficiently and neatly. Thereís nothing worse than packing your best suit for a business meeting and finding it screwed up and wrinkled at the other end of the journey. Most people donít like ironing on the first day of their holiday either so learning to pack your luggage wrinkle free is a much desired skill.

Donít over pack or mix items. This easier said than done, but limiting your amount of luggage and keeping clothes separate from other items is one step to a wrinkle free journey. Having loads of random items crushed up in a bag with your suit is only going to cause harm as opposed to a neatly folded clothes bag.

Plastic is a great invention. Putting layers of plastic material between each piece of clothing will keep them straight and pressed. Think dry cleaning bags or zip up covers for tuxedos. Better yet use the aforementioned items. This is always good for saving space so weigh up the pros and cons.

Rolling clothes is a good space saver for items like jeans or t-shirts. Simply fold them once and then roll them up. You may get one crease but after wearing the item for a few minutes will iron it out naturally.

That brings you to folding. Good old fashioned folding. It was invented for a reason, not just to annoy the men of the family, but it has a wrinkle free purpose. Remember to button up all buttoned shirts before folding else youíll regret it.

Most people donít care too much for creased underwear because nobody sees them (well some might), but if it is a worry to you then use a nylon mesh laundry bag. They tend to keep them more secure than just slinging them in and bag inspectors wonít get their grubby hands all over them.

A little common sense goes a long way. Donít put heavy items on top of clothes and keep the bag upright so they donít fall apart or roll around. Finally you can pray. Who knows what happens to your luggage when you arenít there?

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