How to Choose the Right Suitcase

Itís all good having a detailed packing list, all your clothes laid out and ready to go and all the important items packed securely in a cabinet, but without the right suitcase, carry on and purse you arenít going anywhere. And if you do make it, you may encounter several problems that could have been avoided with the right bags.

The suitcase is the most important item as it will be holding the majority of your clothes and luggage, but it is important to pick the right kind. Many people still have old cumbersome suitcases from decades ago, but due to new luggage quotas and weight restrictions they are no longer practical as many are heavy even without any luggage. In this case it is advisable to get a travelers rucksack or a big hold-all sports bag. These are generally made of lighter materials and are designed for being carried comfortably. Donít always go for the cheapest one available. Thereís nothing worse than the handle dropping off mid journey. Itís also a good idea to check for padding if you have items that may break or get damaged.

If you have far too much luggage to be declared as hand luggage then you may have a separate bag for carryon luggage. For this a simple rucksack or hand carried bag is adequate but make sure you have secure compartments if you plan on having valuables. Itís no good if they fall out of holes or get caught in the seams of the bag.

Passports, money, checks, mobile phones, medication are perhaps the most important things on your journey and must be secure. A lot of foreign countries have a lot of crime around tourist locations and airports so ensure that these items are on your person. Having them in your pockets is not always safe. They call them pick pockets for a reason. You may think it humorous when you see people with fastened bum bag / fanny packs with zips and buckles, but the more secure your valuables are then the safer your journey.

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