Discount Airlines

Over the past decade there has been an increase in the amount of discount airlines and the popularity of their flights. For many people the cheaper the flight the better, but there are various disadvantages that need to be weighed up with the obvious advantages of using these budget services. Popular airlines that are considered “discount airlines” include the likes of Ryan Air and Easyjet.


The name “Easy” Jet basically gives away what these budget airlines are about. Simplicity. They are basic, no extras, just simple easy flights at cheaper prices. Great for the lone traveler or a couple.

The majority of discount airlines are always running some kind of date specific promotion or frequent airfare special that can make the ticket prices even cheaper.

They are generally more flexible due to the cheap one way options. You can simply get a cheap one way back without the hassle of one expensive package.

Because budget airlines are a relatively new invention, the airplanes used are newer, giving those that worry about older planes being dangerous a weight off their mind.


There are no frills. You may be charged a lot more for extra baggage and any extras such as entertainment or good food won’t be part of your package.

There is a lot less flights to choose form. Generally they only do the most popular routes because they are guaranteed to get maximum capacity. Instead of choosing a holiday you may have to choose a flight first.

Getting a refund is usually a lot harder and you may not get one altogether. You may be able to change the date or flight for a fee.

They don’t always cater well to family holidays. The no frills aspect is more suited to the lone traveler or older couples.

If it is a newer airline the reputation hasn’t been proven so you may have to trust them blindly as opposed to reading hundreds of reviews.

They usually fly to low cost airports so don’t expect a flight to London Heathrow for example.

Depending on your circumstances budget airlines can be a great way to save money, but it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons.

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